Conference Proceedings

Access technical abstracts, download presentations or posters from past FLOW-3D user conferences to learn about the many real-world applications of FLOW-3D and the recent and upcoming developments for the software.

The conference proceedings from the 15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference are now available!

Flow Science Development Talks

  • FLOW-3D Solver Developments
  • User Interfaces: Workflow Control and Automation

User Presentations

  • 3D Numerical Modelling of the Mohelno Reservoir
  • CFD Modelling of Dispensing Processes in Different Medical Devices
  • Color Change of an HDPE Extrusion
  • Development and Numerical Simulation of a Small-scale Compound Casting Test Plant with FLOW-3D
  • FLOW-3D Developments for Welding
  • FLOW-Mech: Simulate Gears, Belts and Chains with FLOW-3D
  • Identification of Optimal Ladle Design through Oxides Simulations
  • Investigation of Mould Leakages in a Gravity Die Casting Process
  • Numerical Simulation of Extreme Wave Loading on an Axi-symmetric Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter in a Survival Sea State
  • Thermo-fluid-dynamic design of Reciprocating Compressor Cylinders by Fluid Structure Interaction Software Simulation
  • Self-priming Pumps Multiphase Transient Analysis (liquid-bubbles-solid)
  • Stepped Spillway Flow over Small Embankment Dams: Some Computational Experiments
  • Simulation of a Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Simulation in Support of the Development of Innovative Processes in the Casting Industry
  • Surface Reorientation of Liquid Parahydrogen in Microgravity
  • Urea (AD Blue) Applications of FLOW-3D  for Automotive Industries – Best Presentation Award!
  • Wave Propagation and Reflection at an Inclined Plane – Simulations and Experiments